Hiya! I'm Kelly O'Brien.
I'm a London-based content designer with eight years' experience crafting words for the web. I thrive on teams who work collaboratively and cross-functionally to build impactful products that work for their users.

Recent Projects

Enabling chatbots to work together

Drove the end-to-end design work on a feature that enabled two distinct chatbot products to work seamlessly together in the same conversations. In addition to designing the solution from initial concept up through interaction and UI design, I also ran the beta and worked directly with our go-to-market team to ship the feature as part of a major product launch.

Within three months of launching, 25% of our target customers’ bots are using the new feature.

Modeling chatbot complexity

Intercom's conversational automation products have grown a lot over the last few years and have accrued a lot of conceptual and technical complexity along the way. I lead the design on an initiative to understand and articulate the complexity of the chatbot system and where it was causing trouble for our customers.

The output of the work was to share system models not only of the current state of our bot system, but also potential future states that might help us simplify the user experience. This work has influenced several streams of work across the product and has helped shape the team's approach to many subsequent chatbot design challenges.

Resolution Bot conversational design

I designed the conversational interactions for the launch of Intercom's machine learning chatbot, Resolution Bot. The experience had to work with a mix of predefined and user-created content, while also taking into account a wide range of edge cases.

Working cross-functionally with engineering, research, and product, I delivered an automated experience that feels personal and frictionless, even when it fails. Resolution Bot has since become part of Intercom's core support automation offering.

Admin menu redesign

Driven by consistently low NPS scores from our admin users, I led the effort to redesign the admin area of our product where that user segment spent most of their time. In order to avoid getting bogged down in a swirl of competing opinions, I designed a card sort exercise and used OptimalSort to get it in front of a group of current and prospective customers.

Using the results of that study, I overhauled the admin area's IA, as well as introducing a new homepage to improve navigation. Three months after launching, our target NPS score was up by 20 points. We also used this research as the foundation for a new customer onboarding experience.

Help Center overhaul

Came on board as the company's first documentation hire with a mission to overhaul their support docs. In addition to writing and editing 100+ articles, I also created information architecture not just for the help center content but also for the product itself.

In working out how to write about the product, I ended up pairing with our front end team to do some retroactive content design. Together we agreed on mental models and product language that could be reflected across both the UI and the documentation.

Speaking & Writing

I've spoken at a variety of content, design, and support conferences.
Here's a selection of talks from the last few years:

I also spent three years on the organization team for the Write the Docs community, helping run two annual conferences every year, as well as editing a monthly newsletter with a readership of over 4000.

Blog posts & interviews:


I'm currently looking for my next role as a senior content designer. If you're hiring, please feel free to drop me a line!

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